list of awesome services.

We have been able to offer custom services on the finest of automobiles. With top priority on preservation, you can be assured that everything is done with utmost care and in best interest of the vehicle not just for today, but for years to come.

We have an understanding with our clients that proper paint reconditioning and preservation is more than just a service, it's a highly skilled position that is offered only by a select few around the world. At DriveClean, we offer a handful of custom services and reconditioning packages that are built around meeting and exceeding individual and group needs. Every need from daily drivers, prep for sale, weekend cars, or exotic car collections, DriveClean has a service for you.

In DriveClean, we've straight plans from new car paint protection, to years old paint correction. Our clients can opt for their plan depending on their car condition. Below are the base plans and their costs. This may change based on surface conditions and our base plan includes Exterior, interior and engine bay cleaning and protection.

We have two plans for new car paint protection.

  • Polymer sealant
  • Ceramic coating
  • Polymer sealant

After decontamination of the surfaces, mild polish to remove swirl marks and finishing polish for boosting the gloss, we apply polymer sealant two coats on the paint surfaces. This will protect the surfaces from bird dropping, UV rays, tree sap and industrial fallouts. The durability is 6 to 8 months if maintained properly.

Ceramic coating IGL Ecocoat series

Ceramic coating is a quartz coating which consists of SiO2 & TiO2 along with solvents.

Here are the reasons why our customers choose IGL coatings:

  • Easier to clean and maintain
  • Your car stays brand new
  • Improves resale value for your car
  • Protects your car's OEM paint
  • Saves your time and money
  • Better resistance to environmental damage
  • Creates a very deep, glossy almost crystal-like finish
  • Eliminates the need for car wax & sealants

Added advantages of coatings are:

  • Strong UV resistance
  • Bird dropping does not etch clear coat
  • Increased resistance to Chemicals
  • water/oil & dust repellent
  • Full curing of a single layer to 9H hardness
  • Hydrophobic properties upto 2 years